J. Frank Norris
The Fascinating, Controversial Life of a Forgotten Figure of the Twentieth Century
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 Dr. J. Frank Norris was one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in the first half of the twentieth century. All who knew him would agree that he was one of the most charismatic, gifted speakers in America in his time. Reverend Dr. Norris, as a fundamentalist preacher, was also known to be a great man admired by his loyal supporters, who had friendships with leaders of governments and business—or a despicable character who was persecuted and hated by his enemies. This book is meant to introduce this famous character to the vast number of people living today who have not heard of him. Those who knew him personally or were familiar with his life will be reminded of the legacy of his influence on today’s fundamentalism.
         This captivating true story takes you from his poverty as a child to the pastor of the largest church in America where he later became friend of presidents and giants of industry.



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